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Does this sound like you?

You know you are a creative person but whether problem solving at work, or arranging activities for your kids, your creativity always seems to be for someone else?


You'd love to gift yourself to a little creative-self care each week, a little YOU-TIME to reconnect with your creativity!


You'd love to be able to paint anything, anywhere (imagine actually relaxing on holiday and sketching the scenery around you!) and you're looking for individualized and non-judgmental tuition and a supportive creative community to help you reach this goal!

Get ready to transform your relationship to creativity!


Using an easy 7-Step Method, and with all materials and refreshments included- Artanda is the local art community you have been looking for!


        GET READY TO...

Feel Confident


& Painting with


Feel More

Connected to 

your Creativity

Become part

of South 

West London's 

Painting Community.


Introducing Artanda 



Pink Blossom

Day retreat | Awaken into spring | Yoga + Mindful Painting + Brunch

The shift in the seasons and the time around the spring equinox, when the light and the dark are in the perfect balance, is a powerful moment to press pause, reflect, and align. Join us for a day retreat and make a mindful shift in our natural rhythms as we awaken into the spring, to align, energize and renew.


Day retreat program

🧘‍♀️ Mandala Vinyasa Open Level with Gea

🥱 Yin Yoga with Renée

🥦 Vegetarian brunch by our personal chef Veronique

🎨 Mindful painting workshop with Artanda

☕️ Chai, tea, cookies


Take a look at the 7-Stages of Mindful Painting 

  • What is Mindful Painting?
    Mindful Painting is a unique approach to art that focuses on mindset over artistic outcomes. It's about connecting with oneself, staying present, and cultivating self-love throughout the creative process.
  • How is Mindful Painting at Artanda Different?
    At Artanda, you will learn real watercolour techniques in a non-judgmental and inclusive environment. This makes us different from other mindful painting schools which take a more intuitive approach, not necessarily founded in traditional watercolour techniques. The emphasis is on the process, not the outcome, but the process still involves developing our watercolour skills as far as we can.
  • What are the Seven Stages of a Mindful Painting Practice?
    Stage One : Preparing for your practice. Stage Two: Contemplation of Colour and Light Stage Three: Drawing as noticing without judgment Stage Four : Embracing the Chaos Stage Five: Conversations with watercolour (balance) Stage Six: Accents and restraint Stage Seven: Closing the Practice Explore below to discover these stages in more depth.
  • Stage One : Preparing for your practice.
    We begin a session by create a peaceful environment. Set up a dedicated space, choose a subject you connect with, and centre yourself, perhaps by setting an intention. At Artanda In-Person classes you will enjoy peaceful spaces with everything set up for you. Expect pristine palettes, high quality materials and freshly laundered painting cloths. There will also be a selection of refreshments and teas for you.
  • Stage Two: Contemplation Colour and Light
    In this stage , we take time to explore colour and light - including the subtle colours we often overlook. I will show you my simple method for choosing pigments and colour mixing.
  • Stage Three: Drawing as noticing without judgment
    At Artanda, I teach very specific methods for drawing. My Mindful Painting method is about Calmly moving forward, maintaining rhythm, and noticing mistakes without judgment.
  • Stage Four : Allowing Chaos
    This stage is all about embracing the unpredictability of watercolour and is the way we start applying the paints.
  • Stage Five: Conversations with Watercolour (balance)
    Here, we're focused on getting the balance right with our watercolors. Think of it as a dialogue with the paint. Adding firmer lines and darker areas can bring order to our artwork, but only when there's a give-and-take in our conversation. If we get too heavy-handed and dominate the discussion, our watercolour can end up looking too fussy and overworked. In Artanda sessions we explore this balance and sense of conversing with the materials to render a variety of textures and effects.
  • Stage Six: Accents and Restraint
    As we bring our painting to a close, we introduce black and white ink for subtle accents. These bold pigments give us more control, but we must use restraint so as not to overpower the intrinsic quality of the watercolour.
  • Stage Seven: Closing the Practice
    . Regardless of the artwork's outcome, every practice has value, from the positive impact on cognitive function to simply helping us carve out a little time for creativity.
  • If there are only Seven Stages is every class the same?
    Not at all! The fantastic thing about these Seven Stages is that there is so much to explore within each stage! As you attend more and more lessons, your practice will develop uniquely. As your teacher I will work with you where you are at, introducing a range of different ideas and techniques at your own speed.


"Well, I didn't know what to expect when i went along to the session in Clapham Old Town, but I was really impressed. It was SO CALMING and i got to express myself in a safe serene space through art. Helena was warm and welcoming and the people were nice and friendly. It was mixed ability and just so calm and mindful. I loved it and am certainly going to go again soon"


"Loved painting at Artanda. Such a relaxing learning experience, Helena was so calm and knowledgeable. All equipment was high quality and cake/tea was the perfect half time break. Thanks!"


"I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed the class! It was a really nice group and we were chuffed with our paintings!"

Meet the Organiser

Artanda founder and Art Facilitator Helena Jackson
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Hello! My name is Helena 

Over the years I've worked with thousands of students as a fully qualified secondary school Art teacher, a life-drawing instructor and now as founder of Artanda. 

Throughout my journey (completing my Art History degree in  in 2017, studying art at an Atelier, training to teach at UCL, Setting up a Life Drawing Co-op and teaching in London Secondary Schools) I've been exploring our relationship to Art Making and how we can find that balance between trying to be the best artists we can be AND feeling relaxed and happy in the process (without the frustration and negative self-talk that can often accompany our practice!)

Research has shown that we get more benefits from visual arts, when we engage with them in a community setting. That's why I set up Artanda. It's my local art community- and I hope it will become yours as well!

Artanda Painting Classes are mini self-care painting retreats - an opportunity for you to unwind and relax while engaging with your creativity.

I can't wait to share with you the transformational experience of Mindful Painting. 

A dog painted at an Artanda Mindful Painting Class

Perfect for complete beginners, my Seven-Stage Mindful Painting Method will help you learn  key watercolour techniques and gain the confidence to paint anything you want.

Add a Mini-Art Retreat Into Your Week!



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