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Hello, I'm Helena 

I'm a fully qualified Art Teacher, (I studied at UCL), and I am currently working towards my accreditation as a meditation teacher, with BSoM, which I should achieve by May 2024. I've worked with thousands of students aged 11-85, with a diverse range of needs.

Artanda was inspired by my love of painting and my own yoga and meditation practice. Artanda takes its name from the Sanskrit prefix ananda, meaning joy and bliss. It is my aim with, every class, that anyone who practices art with me leaves feeling a little more joyful.

My Seven-Stage Method of Mindful Painting is accessible for complete beginners and weaves painting techniques with meditation ideas.

Get ready to re-connect with creativity, feel confident painting anything you want and experience a little more inner-peace through painting. 

What Happens in Class?

My classes follow my Seven-Stage Method of Mindful Painting. The practice starts with a guided meditation or intention setting, before moving on to drawing and watercolour painting. My method for drawing and painting is simple, accessible and step-by-step yet still allows for a unique expression of creativity. We end the practice with a gratitude meditation. 

We can work from life. I have a selection of beautiful props, or we can work from fresh flowers or from photographs. 


We can choose simple themes, such as watercolour landscapes, or more conceptual themes, such as art journaling for joy. I love to create classes focussed around themes that tie in with your event and which weave in poetry or music.


More Information


I can work with groups of up to 28. (Groups of 8-12 work best).

I provide the high-quality, specialist materials that we work with - and clean everything up too!

My sessions are best when they are 90-120 minutes, but I can tailor this to your needs. I also need 30 minutes, either side for set up/pack away.

My sessions are pitched for adults and participants aged 16 years +

I look forward to
working with you

I want to produce the best Mindful Painting Experience for you.


If you have any questions or need any additional information,

Please give me a call on 07488704918 

My email is

Thank you

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