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I am so excited to announce the themes for January! 

We have four different themes we will be exploring in January across locations.


My Seven-Stage Method of Mindful Painting forms the foundation of all these classes. From there, I’ll work with you where you are at- so you won’t repeat the same painting if you choose to come to a class on a Monday and a Wednesday - for example. 

Fresh Flower Bouquets 

We will be working from fresh flower bouquets in this beautiful and 

relaxing class.

11th Jan

Putney 18.30-20.30

15th Jan

Richmond 10.30-12.30

17th Jan

Wimbledon 10.30-12.30

Seascapes, Boats and Coastal Landscapes

Water, boats and information rich scenes needn't be intimidating. Get ready to sketchbook your next seaside holiday!

18th Jan

Putney 18.30-20.30

22nd Jan

Richmond 10.30-12.30

24th Jan

Wimbledon 10.30-12.30

Still Life

Explore colour, light and shape , working from a carefully chosen selection of beautiful objects.

25th Jan

Putney 18.30-20.30

29th Jan

Richmond 10.30-12.30

31st Jan

Wimbledon 10.30-12.30

Animals & Pets 

Capture your own Pet or another animal in this satisfying and 

calming class. 

1st Feb

Putney 18.30-20.30

5th Feb

Richmond 10.30-12.30

7th Feb

Wimbledon 10.30-12.30


Materials and refreshments provided at all in-person classes.


Artanda takes its name from the Sanskrit Prefix Ananda - meaning utter joy, peace, contentment and bliss and our carefully crafted Online Classes are designed to bring a little more of these into your week!

You have the opportunity to join us on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays- as suits you. Our 90-minute sessions are thoughtfully structured to enhance your creative journey.



Girl Using Laptop

On Wednesday evenings we are "Art Journaling for Joy!" Expect short guided meditations, joyful watercolour journaling, and exploration of artistic techniques. Our Wednesday class is all about self-expression and community connection. This is the perfect class to add a little creative joy into your week! 

On Friday mornings we meet for a "Watercolour Paint Along," where we embark on a weekly painting adventure together. We explore a range of subjects and together we take on those subjects and photographs that may, at first glance, seem rather ambitious! Together we will explore those challenging subjects we often love to avoid - like crowded street scenes, hands and feet, dappled light forests and much more- all using our 7-Stage Mindful Painting Method!



On Sunday evenings join us for a tranquil class, "Inspiration for the Week," we weave together imagery from literature, poetry, quotes, and music to create mesmerising watercolour pieces. This relaxing class serves as the perfect transition from one week to the next, fostering inspiration and peace.

Collaborating at Work

"We were complete
beginners and wanted to
try something new. Helena
was extremely good at
taking us through the steps
to create a great
watercolour painting."

Georgia, Artanda Member


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