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Mindful Painting Workshop

Watercolour &

Drawing techniques

Learn to draw & handle watercolour paint, with an introduction to composition and colour.

High quality materials provided

We use Sennelier paint, mop-brushes and watercolour paper. No more scratchy, dry paints & paint- stained palettes!

An Art Community

We always take a break so you can chat to your fellow artists (but if your feeling shy, you can always keep painting or look at the art) You will also gain access to the Artanda Online Community, where you can continue the conversation with other Artists.

Discover what

makes Mindful Painting different.

Explore how to apply the 3 Rs of Mindful Painting to your practice: Receive, Record, Respond and add an extra dose of positivity to your practice!

Refreshments provided

Enjoy a slice or two of homemade cake and a cup of tea during our break. Good hospitality is at the heart of what I do!

Online Resources

You will receive notes from the session within the Artanda Online Community group. 

Looking for the

online version of

this workshop?

Workshop Itinerary 

    Arrive and find your space. You will be guided to choose the objects that appeal to you for your still life. 

    Brief Introduction to Artanda  & Mindful Painting.

    Find your flow and create a series of abstract artworks to explore colour, composition and mark-making.

    Mindful Drawing - Learn how to translate your still life set up into an observational drawing

    Enjoy a break for tea and cake.

    An introduction to tone and economy of brushstroke as you mindfully add colour to your drawing.

    We end the session by noticing how we respond to our artwork , and to ourselves, in the moment.


What's next?

After this workshop you may like to join the  6-week Watercolour course and explore these skills in more detail.  Alternatively, you may like to attend another workshop. I also offer Portrait, Landscape and Pet Painting workshops, as well as Online workshops.  I also work with students 1-1 and within private groups.

Upcoming Mindful Painting Workshops

25/10/23 @ Merton Art Space

Wimbledon Library

18.30-20.30 £20


Can't find a workshop at a time or location to suit you? Sign up to find out about new workshops as they are released.

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