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How to stop comparing your art to others : A Mindful Painting Approach

How to stop comparing your art to others : A Mindful Painting Approach

Instead of viewing art as a competition or a measure of personal worth, artists can embrace the idea of being part of some beautiful web of creativity- where each part adds to the other.

Artists have a much more enjoyable time making art when they understand that art isn’t about them or their ego. They are just the vessel through which art (as an entity in itself) can express itself.

An artist is in service to art, rather than the other way around. And when you are in service to something you only need to be as good as you need to be! Humility is key.

I’ve found my relationship with art has transformed since I adopted a Mindful Painting approach. Rather than try and be in control - I consider painting to be a conversation, where there is give and take, and where balance is far more important than virtuosity. It’s not about showing off, it’s about listening.

I’ve seen my students at Artanda have the same transformational experience through shifting their mindset.

Because the focus becomes about quality of practice, quality of conversation and the relationship between artist, medium and the moment- the idea of someone people being better than others just doesn’t really come into it!

Take the parallel of a yoga practice- can you determine which yogi “better” based on flexibility? No- because it’s more about the connection to oneself, the moment and perhaps even something far bigger than whether of not you can touch your toes. Perhaps, an art practice can be viewed the same.

Could Art be practiced in a similar way to Yoga?
Could Art be practised in a similar way to Yoga?

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