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Mindful Painting Practice (Hope): How to Paint a Robin

This Mindful Painting tutorial is a meditation on hope and offers a pretty-complete Mindful Painting Practice for you to try! To complete this practice, you may like to write 3 things you are grateful for about the Winter (as this is not included in the video)

In this Mindful Painting Practice for Hope, you will learn how to paint a robin. We will start the practice with a short meditation before completing 2 watercolour paintings.

I am currently working on a series of Mindful Painting Practices especially for the winter months. I have a bit of a way to go with video editing (I know the audio could be better!) I hope you will still enjoy the practice and consider trying this exercise yourself.

(If you enjoy it, a please do like the youtube video!)

The colours used were:

-Red (i used a Red Vermillion, any primary or orange leaning red will work)

-Yellow (i used Sennelier Yellow but Indian Yellow, Lake Yellow , Primary Yellow , Cadmium Yellow or other equivalent works well.)

-Lemon Yellow

- Raw Umber (or other brown hue)

- Paynes Grey (or other black/Grey hue)

- Royal Blue (or other blue)

Robin Refrence photo (This is not my image, but is a free-use image from Pixabay)

Robin Redbreast

This was the beautiful peace I found while drawing!

Here are some more poems to inspire your art:

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