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So What is Mindful Painting ?


What is Mindful Painting?

Mindful Painting is simply about using paint to help us connect with more awareness to the present moment. We are also able to record our experience of this deeper connection through paint! At it’s heart, Mindful Painting provides an opportunity to slow down and sit with oneself in a non-judgement and peaceful way. 


Receive, Record,


Underlying the technical practices taught on an Artanda Painting Course is a more Mindful way of approaching a painting practice. 

Receive - What qualities can we truly feel, see and hear that we would want to communicate in our painting.

Record -The artistic decisions and techniques we make to record our current experience.  

Respond - How do we respond to ourselves in our practice.


Is it Meditation?

It is a little like meditation.  We are so focussed on what we are doing that everything else seems to fall away. This is also known as being in the Flow Zone. 

Sand Texture

Is it Mindfulness?

Mindful Painting does share similarities with Mindfulness. However, I do not teach mindfulness as a distinct discipline.


Is it Art Therapy?

No. Within the UK,  Art Therapy is a protected discipline overseen by BAAT and is a branch of psychotherapy.  We are simply learning to paint in a way which is kind to ourselves and accepting of where we are at within our art practice

Yes! Mindful Painting is for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you have never painted before or have had a negative experience at school or in the past with art. Artanda is for you!

Best Friends

Who can do Mindful Painting? Can I?

Drawing a Straight Line

Do you have to be able to draw?

You are able to draw- I will teach you! Drawing is a practice that can take years to master- but it’s not a mystery! There are many techniques and skills that can be learned and which can help you find your own unique way of expressing yourself artistically

Lotus Flower

Is Mindful Painting Buddhist / Hindu/ Yoga?

Although Mindful techniques are a key part of Buddhism (and many , many other religions and spiritual paths) Artanda is not associated with Buddhism and does teach any kind of spiritual path. We simply use Art to help us connect with ourselves, surroundings and community with more peace and awareness. 

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