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Is Everyone Creative? How Mindful Painting Can Increase Creativity.

Man drawing

Is Everyone Creative? How Mindful Painting Can Increase Creativity.

Whether problem-solving at work, arranging activities for your kids, or cooking dinner—we all use our creativity thousands of times a day.

Yet still people tell me every day, "I don't have a creative bone in my body" Well, of course that is not true!

What we often mean when we say that, is that we do not have a specific discipline on which to focus our creativity—now that’s a different matter.

In some ways, learning to paint doesn't really require creativity anyway- In terms of techniques, there are skills and rules. If AI can learn these rules around tone, composition, color, etc., then we can all learn them too. In terms of techniques, there are tried and tested methods that take a bit of practice but are accessible to anyone.

But then there is that creative spark! That thing that makes some artworks magic! We all have that too! It’s just there for us to uncover. Most of the time, it’s those artists who are confident and willing to let go a bit who manage to achieve it. Being able to access that type of creativity is all about mindset.

I think, in some ways, creativity is not a trait at all—I think it’s its own entity that works through us. Developing or accessing creativity is more about understanding how to have a relationship with creativity and how to find a balance in our conversation with it.

That's where Mindful Painting comes in. Mindful Painting is largely about getting out of our own way while painting and making space for creativity to shine through.

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