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3 Ways I made peace with the Winter Through Painting Outdoors

Painting Outdoors in the Winter at Artanda

For years I hated the winter. The cold, the dark, the winter-blues.

Painting outdoors transformed my relationship with the winter! Here's how:

Time to Bask in the Sun

The temptation to hibernate in the winter is pretty immense. But months of being inside and missing out on the natural light didn't make me feel very positive! Taking my practice outside gives me a couple of hours to bathe in the natural winter light. And oh my goodness- what a mood booster!

The Cold Boosts my Mood

So this is a weird one, but when I come back indoors from my Plein Air session I feel incredibly elevated. I don't know if it's the relief that soon I’ll be able to feel my toes , but I just feel so happy. Now, there is a fair bit of research about the health benefits of cold showers and cold exposure and how it cold water can boost mood (and give you a range of other benefits) I wonder if 2-3 hours spent standing still in the cold, damp london air has the same benefit? Wim Hof eat your heart out.

I Remember Winter is Beautiful

When you’re indoors hiding from the cold , it’s easy to miss the beauty of the changing seasons. Painting outdoors has helped me appreciate Winter’s natural beauty.

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